Special Alert: May 16th, 2024 2nd letter: Notification sent to customers that backflow test and report filed with BSI Online is past due, giving them another 15 days to comply.
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Water Quality

The Urbandale Water Utility is committed to providing its customers with clean and safe water.  The utility currently purchases and distributes treated water from Des Moines Water Works.  Customers may also contact the Des Moines Water Works Lab directly at 515-283-8761.

In 2013, the Urbandale Water Utility purchased two hundred acres of land in Johnston for potential development as a water treatment plant to ensure the utility is able to achieve its goal of providing quality water for the community of Urbandale.

The 2024 Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) is an annual report containing information about the source and quality of your drinking water.  You may requested a printed copy of the CCR by contacting the Urbandale Water Utility at 515-278-3940.

2024 Consumer Confidence Report

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