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Regulations & Specifications

The Urbandale Water Utility has provided online access to the utility’s Regulations and Specifications to ensure all customers, developers and contractors have quick and convenient access to the utility’s policies.  The Regulations and Specifications are accessible through the navigation menu located at the right of the page.


Effective June 1, 2022 the Urbandale Water Utility requires flexible tubing conduit to be installed on all new residential and commerical construction.  This ruling is to allow wire to be pulled from the meter setting to the exterior of the building for installation and placement of water meter reading equipment.

Please see Urbandale Water Utility Rules and Regulations, Section 109.8.4 and 109.8.5 for further information.

109.8.4 All new water meter installations shall have a radio read device.

109.8.5 All residential and commercial buildings shall install a 3/4″ flexibile tubing conduit with a pull stringfrom the meter setting on the outside of the building.  It is the owner/contractor’s responsibility to ensure wires can be run to the outside usign the 3/4″ flexible tubing conduit. (Addendum #4)