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Sewer Exemption Forms

When customers install an irrigation meter in their home the respective sewer district they live in requires an Application for Sewer Service Charge Exemption and Irrigation Meter be completed and submitted with a one-time fee of $15.00.  The application and fee, made payable to Urbandale Water Utility, should be submitted to the Water Utility.  The Water Utility will forward the application and fee to the respective sewer district.

The application for each sewer district can be found at the following links.  You may call the Utility office at 515-278-3940 to find out which sewer district you live in or with other questions.

To complete and sign the application electronically, please open the application, click view, tools, fill & sign to complete the form.

Sewer Exemption Application – Urbandale Sanitary District

Sewer Exemption Application – Urbandale Windsor Heights Sanitary District