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Backflow Prevention

The Urbandale Water Utility Rules and Regulations (Section 106.5), and the State of Iowa Plumbing Code require a backflow assembly or assemblies be installed for isolation and/or containment to protect its customers from possible health risks.  The existence of a water using device being connected to the Urbandale Water Utility’s water system by means of lawn irrigation systems, swimming pools, hot tubs, water supplied sump pumps, fire protection systems, boilers etc. is a potential health risk and therefore requires a backflow assembly device.  New backflow assemblies must be tested at the time of installation.  Existing backflow assemblies must be tested annually.

The Urbandale Water Utility has partnered with BSI Online for backflow test report submission.  Customers with backflow assemblies will receive communication from BSI Online regarding testing dates and deadlines.  The mailings from BSI Online will contain the Customer Confirmation Number (CCN) which can be used to verify the submission of the backflow test via BSI Online’s website. Questions regarding the backflow test or the communications may be directed to BSI Online by calling 1-800-414-4990 or the Urbandale Water Utility’s backflow administrator at 515-278-3940.

For customers who do not intend to use their irrigation system, the backflow testing obligation may be waived by contacting the Urbandale Water Utility and requesting a One Year Inactive Agreement.

Further information regarding the Urbandale Water Utility’s backflow requirements may be found by viewing the Cross-Connection and Backflow Brochure at the link below.

Cross-Connection and Backflow

Backflow Testing