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Rules and Regulations

Table of Contents




Section 100 Administrative

Section 101 General

Section 102 Application for the Use of Water

Section 103 Application for Installation of Water Service

Section 104 Taps and Connections

Section 105 Water Service Installation

Section 106 Cross Connections and Backflow Prevention

Section 107 Public Fire Protection

Section 108 Private Fire Protection

Section 109 Water Meters

Section 110 Main Extensions

Section 111 Plan Submittals & Procedures

Section 112 Water Shortage Plan

Section 113 Schedule of Charges

Appendix A Fee Schedule Index

Fee Schedule

Appendix B Figure Index

Figure B 1 Late Notice Disconnect Policy pdf

Figure B 2 Detail of 1 inch Copper Service Installation

Figure B 3 Detail of 1 and one half and two inch Service Installation

Figure B 4 Excavation Detail for Tapping Sleeve

Figure B 5 1st Floor Setting with Crawl Space Below

Figure B 6 Building with Standard Basement

Figure B 7 Adjusting Stop Box to New Grade Arch Pattern Box

Figure B 8 Typical Commercial Fire Service Line with Domestic Tee in Line

Figure B 9 Detail of the Standard Meter Pit five eights three fourths and 1 inch Disc Meters

Figure B 10 Detail of the Standard Meter Pit 1 and one half and two inch Disc Meters

Figure B 11 Fire Hydrant Detail

Figure B 12a Typical Combination Non Circulating Fire Irrigation and Domestic Service Add 1

Figure 12b Typical Domestic Circulating Fire System and Irrigation Service Add 1

Figure 13 Standard Plan for Meter and Bypass Installation

Figure 14 Turbine or Compound Meter Pit Detail with Tracer Wire

Figure 15a Residential Irrigation and or Non Circulating Fire Service Installation Add 1

Figure 15b Residential Irrigation and or Circulating Fire Service Installation Add 1

Figure 16 Tap Cut at Main Procedures three fourths to two inch Direct Taps Only

Figure B 17 Private Main Abandonment Details

Figure 18 Tracer Wire Detail

Figure B 19 Concrete Thrust Block Standard

Figure B 20 Irrigation Meters and System Requirements

Figure B 21 Residential Non-Circulating Fire Service Meters and System Add 1

Figure B 22 Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement